03 October 2012

Wednesday In Progress: Late Nights, Open Windows

Last week I lost my job. Y'know, the one I always complain about on Twitter. I no longer have that problem, but a host of new and shiny ones - like, getting another straight job (preferably not in hell). I'm not homeless just yet - but I would like to avoid that scenario as much as possible.

Strangely enough, this has given me ample amounts of free time to write (of course). What have I been doing? Well, household chores and job hunting - and very little writing. I am not as shocked with this revelation as I thought I'd be. Sad that I haven't made the time to write for the past week and a half, but not shocked.

What I've also noticed is that I am less a morning person and much more geared to write during the nighttime. Then it's mostly quiet (the interstate is basically right outside my balcony, so there's always that subtle roar which - in my best attempts - I can turn into the sea crashing) and I don't have animals meowing in my face or whinging to get taken out to pee. Everyone (including the spouse) is asleep and I have the place to myself. Finally.

Oh, I'm tired. I've still tried to keep my schedule to what it was - up at five every morning, breakfast and lunch taken care of for both of us and then the rest of my day, whatever that means. Mostly, it means tending to our pets, making sure I job-hunt, and keeping up on the laundry and other cleaning so we don't look like we live in a hovel. Don't anyone ever believe the lie "housework isn't real work" because it's worse than that - it's demanding physical labour and you don't even get paid for it and vacation/sick leave is non-existent.

I wouldn't mind an open window to this; Trillium Lake at OMG o'clock

My husband told me Tuesday night that he wants me published. He wants me happy to fulfill my dreams. This is my chance - my open window - and not to waste it. I'm a little afraid as to what it's going to do to my sleep schedule (especially as I'm still trying to get a straight job) but I'm being productive, at least.

So, here I am. Got my window open, listening to my faux-seaside and typing out my tale as fast as my fingers can fly across my keyboard. (now say that three times fast)

Your turn! When do you feel most productive? Have you been able to adjust your schedule or do you have a work-around? Did you learn how to change your schedule to fit your life/pursuits?

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