17 October 2012

Wednesday In Progress: Excuses...Oooh Shiny!

our kitchen, our hell
This week has started off less than stellar. After our personal kitchen nightmare (water heater rusted completely out, manager of our apartment complex refused to do anything about it until 5 months after the fact - where our floor was about as thin as paper in some parts), the past 2 weeks most of our kitchen is sitting in our living room. I work in our living room, now surrounded by kitchen appliances and animals, all freaking out that there are strangers in our space, making crazy noise and we can't cook/live properly.

At least we didn't have dry rot or mold (which is what you fear here in Oregon).

One of our ancient cats seems to have caught the sniffles (worried since we can't afford to get her to a vet, either). To say that I've been distracted with household stuff is an understatement. Our I'm also dealing with a laptop that's given me trouble since Monday night. The plan is to get this looked at, but that won't happen until Saturday and the kitchen won't be sorted out until the end of this week (I hope).

So I'm really not sure what I will do for writing this week and I don't know how much I care. I'm sort of annoyed with myself for that, but there we are. Of course, this is also why I'm writing this blog post in the dead of night (when I really should be asleep). I finally have some peace and quiet.

I think I've done about two lines of text for my WIP this week, but I've started working on a short story that I had been thinking about for a while. I don't know how short it will be necessarily, but I know I don't want to drag it out for too long. I'd like to have it ready for viewing soon-ish, warts an' all. We'll see.

Right now, I'd just like to get my kitchen done and people out of my space!

I'm having a mini-meltdown, excuse me.

Your turn! How do you deal with outside/non-writing distractions? What do you do to keep writing/focused - or do you?

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