17 July 2012

But Getting Paid for Fan-Fiction Is OK

Well, I haven't died. This is good.

I have been busy with Life (which mostly involves my straight job hell, which I tweet about often) and everything else that isn't Writing. Sad, I know.

I had been throwing around a few blog ideas (because, y'know, I'm actually trying not to forget how to write - there is that fear) and when it was announced that Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series was going to be on TV, I had a bit of a shock. She hates fan-fiction. Like, enough to rant about it for three separate posts. Really.

So, I think my question here is directed to all those who write - published or not - how could you give a "fan-fiction policy" and expect them to follow it? And not alienate your fanbase? I know I'm rehashing old stuff, but again - it's the fault of the news. Congratulations to Ms. Gabaldon and I hope the fans think Moore does the books justice (he/they probably won't) - but isn't this a paid form of fan-fiction? He at least got permission and not the rambly, hate-spewing, semi-paranoia she doled out.

I think if I ever get so popular to have fan-fiction written about my characters (though it may totally squick me out), I'm going to run with it. Count it as further evidence that I have inspired folks to be active and creative, instead of merely being a spectator. Those folks just watch TV.

Note: If you're unwilling to click on the links, I must - at least - post her outrageous policy. She's entitled to her feelings and anyone with a shred of decency should respect her requests for not sending fanfic to her, and she should nail folks to the walls who try to make money off fanfic from her books. To equate fanfic with breaking into her house or - better still - sleeping with her husband goes off the deep-end. She doesn't have to read any fanfic - she doesn't have to read anything she doesn't want to, but to ban certain folks (she's not doing the adaptations for TV, that's going to be another writer!) from writing fanfic? That she thinks fanfic is illegal? Nuts. (I'd say "Loony Toons" but I don't want Disney after me, either...)

You know, I'm very flattered that some of you enjoy the books so much
that you feel inspired to engage with the writing in a more personal way
than most readers do. Both for legal and personal reasons, though,
I'm not comfortable with fan-fiction based on any of my work, and
request that you do not write it, do not send it to me, and do not
publish it, whether in print or on the web. Thank you very much for your
courtesy and consideration.

So, what do you think about fan-fiction? Do you think I'm nuts being willing for other people to mess with my characters? Would you allow it? Do you?