25 July 2011

Just Keep Writing! [link sausage]

Not exactly the entry I planned to write, but perhaps that's the point?

I'm still trying to figure out a writing schedule and battle my procrastination (I swear, anything with an internet connection is highly dangerous. Just look at TV Tropes).

I think Kathryn Apel's post on "panic writing" as well as this old post by Donna Cummings - talking about Chris Baty and his "No Plot? No Problem!" approach to writing - say it better, but here I am, having the debate with myself and trying to figure out how I write; how to get the best out of myself with the minimum amount of pain.

Currently playing with the Snowflake Method, but not totally sold on it, outright. I realised that for about 3 of my WIPs, applying this method to tighten/revise/make better, I wanted to rewrite everything from scratch and radically change my story-lines. In one respect, I take that as a good sign - I'm not thinking my novel as "my (untouchable, perfect) baby" and am open to suggestions/changes and so on. In another way, my self-esteem is peering into the toilet because I'm really considering to scrap about 10 years' worth of work. Although it's not like I'm on a deadline or these stories were getting any other exposure anyway. Maybe I need the over-haul.

I'm trying not to count words; I'm trying not to get sidetracked with research (historical-esque fiction, go me!); I'm also trying not to bin all of my writing, which is getting harder to do as I attempt to make a serious go of being a writer.

Does writing on a schedule (what schedule?) help push you through your "non-creative moments"? Do you dare say "Writer's Block"? I used to switch gears - work on ATCs or music, theatre...something artistic, just not writing.

I get the sincere feeling I've been sabotaging myself for years.


  1. Heh there. Thanks for visiting my blog - and for sharing my link here so generously in your post.

    Sounds like some weight issues you have rolling around there.

    As to your Q about writing schedule... I tend to say I have an ebb-&-flow approach. I blogged about it, too. :P http://katswhiskers.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/ebb-and-flow-how-do-you-write . Of one project is at a standstill, I usually have any number of projects at different stages just awaiting some attention. Or I read a book, take a walk, or spend time with family... Life!

  2. Ooh lovely, Kat! Good argument for those of us who don't have that "dedicated time available" - my life is just too crazy on the whole and our situation is such that I don't have the luxury of time (because I like sleep! LOL).

    For me, personally, though I do realise my lack of structure just allows me more procrastination which doesn't help, either. I'm one of those who needs serious structure. :)