22 July 2011

Hemingway...A Hack?

If I spent more time writing than playing on the internet...

Had an interesting discussion with my husband just now about the infamous Hemingway "6 word story" (For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.) and my mind immediately filled in the answer to the question: Why? I thought it was a great way to tease the imagination.

My husband said, "Who cares? He didn't write a story. He wrote a Craigslist ad."

This is also the man who otherwise has an abundance of wild imagination. Am I giving Hemingway too much credit here?


  1. I'll admit to not understanding this years ago when I first heard it, but I think, now, I get it. You don't even need to answer the 'why' as all the elements are bundled up there to bring to mind a universal story.

    It's six words that evoke every romantic tragedy in existence. It's interesting, at the least.

    Now, I don't know if those six words count a story in and of themselves, as it lacks most of the key elements that we take for granted in stories, but it does evoke an emotion, and a whole series of them on brief examination.

    So I guess it's up to the reader to decide.

  2. Thanks pathunstrom!

    No, you definitely don't need to answer the "why" - it's where your (at least my) imagination goes. Definitely evokes emotions in me.

    I just found it rather funny that my husband (who I would consider the more creative one) didn't connect to it at all!

    It's a love/hate/indifferent thing, eh?