09 September 2012

Techno Party - Fashionably Late

Late to the technology party, as usual. I'm always late to any party, really.

This weekend I got myself a new toy: 500GB laptop with a 17" screen and, boy howdy, is it beautiful. Bear in mind, I haven't had a personal computer since 2003 or so (maybe a little earlier). Oh, well, let's be honest: I have a beautiful green iMac that's been the best darned paper-weight and closet-stuffer since 2003. I probably could fire it up right now and use it, but not online. Well, I think the better half would have a stroke if I tried to drag that lump out of storage, especially with my new and shiny toy.

My iMac's CD drive is completely shot and it's more hassle to upgrade/deal with now, especially with my new and shiny toy. See the theme, here?

I still don't own a cell phone. That may change next month, but we'll see.

these hands know maniacal typing, the Neo knows pain

Anyway, this was all to facilitate better and easier writing and research on my part. Even now, the bulk of my writing will stay on my Neo (holy crow, someone's dyed theirs...interesting) for ease and the negative distraction it has by comparison to the laptop which is my biggest issue with working on a laptop in general. Give me a wifi connection and I'm lost for days hours doing research. Yeah. Research. I don't have that luxury on my Neo, so I can work.

So, yeah - another step in my writing life. More tools; shiny, distracting tools.

Your turn! What tools do you have? What have you done to keep the distractions to a minimum? Are you late to the party, too, or are you usually hosting it?

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