02 November 2011

I Bled The Turnip...& I Got Beet Juice!

I haven't started Day 2 of NaNo, yet - and my first 2018 words last night (and the very end of last night, almost this morning) was like pulling teeth. I did it. I'm happy that I made it to 2k and I'm hoping to write another 2k today. I have no idea how I'm going to keep up with this schedule all month - especially when I go back to work next week.

Also, my story that was originally planned as a "horror/supernatural" has become a Chick Lit story. At least it feels less scary and less supernatural - but it's early. I mean, I opened with a funeral...well, post-funeral - everyone is gathered at the house (of the deceased) and it's a party in there. Right now my main character is (was?) trying to defuse an argument happening in the kitchen.

That's another thing. Whilst doing NaNo, I've decided to do a month-long fast (health reasons, trying to purge myself of crappy feelings from the food allergies/sensitivities I have) so, naturally, what shows up in my novel? Everyone's eating! I don't describe the food in detail (although I'm sure that would help my word count) but my starting scene is in the kitchen, counters piled high with food and people stuffing their faces and here I am, drinking a vegan vegetable concoction. No solid food. Crap.

The juicing hasn't been bad, honestly - but the cravings are interesting. I really wanted steak yesterday (that was my first day). Just had my morning juice and, overall, I'm full. We only had two meals yesterday - I was too full to even try for dinner. It's once we've done two weeks of the same thing - I wonder just how much I'll be wishing for a double cheeseburger.

So, not a bad start on either front - the juicing or Nano - but I totally didn't expect my story to take the radical turn it did and I certainly didn't expect myself to like the juice. It's early, though. Change happens. We'll see what this all changes into next week...once I'm surrounded by food.

Word count: 2018

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